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Lobby Bar and Breakfast

Lobby Bar


We offer our guest wide range of cold and hot drinks. Specially we recommend our guest our traditional "Azercay"



Start the day with a rich and balanced breakfast in accordance with our selection of buffet breakfast restaurant!

We offer our guests a wide variety of international and local breakfast specialties, buffet style.

Cold selection:

Salty and sweet baked goods (bread, rolls, cookies, croissants, coffee cakes, - vary daily)  toast, grilled sandwiches, cereals, fresh seasonal fruit, fruit cocktail, fruit and plain yogurt, butter and margarine, jam and marmalade, honey, boiled eggs, cold cuts, cheese plates and  fresh vegetables.

Hot breakfast dishes:

Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and Omelet (with onion, cheese, ham, bacon, or mushroom,) boiled, grilled or baked sausages, letcho (Hungarian warm breakfast specialty), grilled vegetables, ratatouille, scones or French toast with Hungarian seasoning.

Breakfast beverages:

Milk, chocolate, coffee, traditional and fruit-flavored teas, herbal teas, juices (orange, peach, apple, pineapple- vary daily).


We would like to do everything in order to our guests have the most pleasant stay. Our hotel guests may choose their breakfast type according to their individual tastes. Please, inform us if you have special requirements in order to accomodate you.


Daily: 8:00–10:00


Late Breakfast

Daily: 10:00–10:45


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